Check out our new dystopian world vehicle collection!


The Zombie Slayer car with remote controlled Gatling Gun! Model No. 1225


The Annihilator Pick Up Truck with cannon! Weapons platform accommodates figures with 32mm base size or larger. Model No 1226

The Enforcer-MOD Police car with 3 Gatling Guns, large weapons operator platform (base size 32mm or larger) Model No 1227

The Assassin will take out your enemies regardless of where they are hiding on the game table! A low-profile, heavily armored car ready for action. Model No 1228  

The Armageddon Bus is one tough customer. This formidable machine is protected by additional armor plating all around and features two separate weapons platforms: 20mm cannon and a Gatling gun. An ideal vehicle for reconnaissance missions, command and control operations and re-supply efforts. The two weapon platforms on top of the bus will accommodate up to 32mm figure bases. Model No 1224