It is important to prepare the resin building(s) you have purchased to ensure the paint goes on and stays on!

The manufacture of resin parts is expensive and one of the more costly areas of production is the molds. Producing resin models requires molds which are made of silicone and these molds have a limited life. Most companies who use resin in their manufacturing process also use mold release to make it easier to demold an item and also extend mold life. Extending mold life is a major component in managing the cost of production and helps ensure the model is affordable to the consumer.       

Because we use mold release our resin models require cleaning before the model is primed and painted. So, here are the step by step instructions on how to properly clean your Novus model before you begin painting. 

What’s required: Hot water. An appropriate sized container to hold the hot water which allows the part to be washed, liquid dish soap, tooth brush or similar item to scrub surface of model.

1) Trim any flash remaining on part before you begin cleaning.

2)  Fill an appropriate sized container with hot water. Make sure the water is as hot as possible but not so hot that it’s uncomfortable to work with. This is important for removal of the mold release. If you have multiple parts to wash (more than 3 or 1 large item) I suggest you change the water to ensure the continued proper cleaning of the surface.

3) Add copious amounts of liquid soap to the hot water and scrub the entire surface of the model using your tooth brush or other comparable tool while periodically submerging the model in hot water. This will remove the mold release sitting on the surface. Take your time and make sure you have satisfactorily cleaned your model.   

5) Rinse thoroughly using hot or warm water. This is important to removing any residual mold release film that may still be present on the surface of the model.  

6) Very important: Let dry overnight to ensure the complete evaporation of water from the surface. If you live where the part can be placed in direct sunlight for several hours and can be rotated to guarantee full evaporation of surface moisture then overnight dry time may not be necessary. You’ll need to use your own judgment on this step.

 7) Now your model is ready to primer. We recommend a good quality primer like Bull Dog Clear for use because it has fantastic paint-adhesion properties and in my opinion it’s the best primer on the market. Next best primer on the market is probably made by Games Workshop. Both of these products can be obtained online or in the case of GW primer is probably available at your local game store. Hint: automotive paint suppliers usually carry Bull Dog clear primer and I have also found in some Walmart stores. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use for best results.   

8) Your model is now ready for detail paint work.  Once you’re finished we recommend protecting your work by sealing your finished model with the appropriate sealing agent.  Depending on what you want the finished model to look like. There are many different sealers such as matte, gloss and what is referred to as dull coat which is made by Testers Co.

Thanks for purchasing our products-Enjoy!