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Novus Design Studio - Product Index
: 1
1000-Normandy Cafe Ruin
1001-Normandy Farm House Ruin
1002-Normandy Town House Ruin
1003-Normandy Rowhouse Ruin-Brick
1004-Normandy Rowhouse-Stucco
1005-Normandy Merchant Shop Ruin
1007-Urban Ruin 3 story w/lift out floor
1010-Ace Warehouse
1011-Bedford Office Plaza
1012-Benton Tower
1017-Steampunk Factory w/lift off roof
1019-Fantasy Bridge
1020-15mm or 28mm Stone Bridge
1021-Stone Fountain
1030-Munitions Crate - 3ea
1031-Weapons Crate - 3ea
1032-15mm 3 Story City Block Corner Ruins
1033-15mm 3 Story 5 Window City Block Ruin
1034-15mm 3 Story 8 Window City Block Ruins
1035-15mm 2 Story Corner City Block Ruins
1037-15mm 15/20mm Landing Craft
1038-Porta Potty 3ea
1042-Outbuilding w/Liftoff Roof
1043-Fuel Tank
1046-Dumpster Set
1047-28mm Stucco Outbuilding w/Courtyard & Lift-off Roof
1048-Supply Depot/Objective Marker
1049-Munitions Factory
1050-28mm Fabrication Plant Ruin
1051-Observation Bunker
1052-Artillery Position
1059-Large Stone Wall 4pc Set
1060-Med Stone Walls 4pc
1061-Small Stone Walls 4pc
1062-6mm Lazur Chemical Plant
1063-6mm Red October Factory
1064-6mm Barrikady Metal Works
1065-Nizhny Locomotive Works
1066-Oil Refinery
1067-Republic Plaza
1068-Curtis Office Building
1069-Bryant Park Studios
1070-Phillips Tower
1071-Bell Finance Center
1072-Saber Office Complex
1073 - Russian Peasant House
1074 - Russian Farmhouse
1075 - Russian Workshop
1078 - Livestock Enclosures 2pc
1079 - Stalingrad Red October Factory Ruin
1080 - Stalingrad Nail Factory Ruin
1081 - Stalingrad Wooden Bridge
1082 - Stalingrad Low Stone Wall 6ea
1083-Primitive Outhouse 2ea
1084-Water Trough 3ea
1085-Medieval Well
1086-Medieval Bridge
1090-Blacksmith Shop w/Forge
1091-Stone Forge
1092-10" Straight Blue River - 2ea
1098-10" Ford Blue River - finished and colored
1099-Dirt Road Straight 10" 2ea
1105-River/Road Crossing - finished and colored
1106-Cobblestone Mediterranean 12x12 Mat
1107-Pond w/Islands
1110-Blue River Set 8pc/6ft - Finished and Colored
1111-Dirt Road Set 8pc (6.5ft total length)
1112-Dirt Road Junction Pack 3pc
1113-Cobblestone Euro Gray 12x12 Mat
1114-Cobblestone Sandstone 12x12 Mat
1116-15mm Stone Octagon Fountain
1117-15mm Old World Stone Fountain
1118-28mm Marble Lion Fountain
1119-28mm Town Square Fountain
1120-28mm Imperial Palace Fountain
1134-Euro-Grey Cobblestone 2ea 10" Straight
1139-Euro-Grey Cobblestone Roundabout
1140-Euro-Grey Cobblestone 3pc Junction Pack
1141-Euro-Grey Cobblestone 8pc Road Set 6.6 ft
1142-Mediterranean Cobblestone 10" Straight 2ea
1147-Mediterranean Cobblestone Roundabout
1148-Mediterranean Cobblestone 3pc Junction Pack
1149-Mediterranean Cobblestone 8pc Road Set 6.6 ft
1158-Gravel Road 10" straight 2ea
1159-Gravel Road Standard Curve 10" 2ea
1160-Gravel Road S-Curve 10" 2ea
1164-Gravel Road 3pc Junction Set
1165-Gravel Road Set 8pc 6.5ft
1166-Belgium Block Cobblestone Mat 12x12
1169-Atmospheric Exchanger 2 each
1170-Plasma Engine 2 each
1171-Surveilance Drone 3 each
1172-Bus Station
1173-28mm Steel Drum Assortment 12 pc
1174-Research Pod 2 each
1186-Ammo & Fuel Dump
1189-Crate Assortment 12 pc
1190-No. 4 Furnace Ruin
1191-Chimney 4pc Set
1192-Urban Barricade 2pc Set
1193-Sandbag Set 6pc
1194-Destroyed Fountain
1196-Supply Depot 2ea
1197-Barricades Factory Ruin
1198-Stalingrad Train Station #1
1205-Reichstag Ruin (Representation)
1206-28mm Sci-FI 8pc River Set
1207-28mm 2pc Sci-Fi Curved River
1208-28mm 2pc Sci-Fi River Curve W/Tire
1209-28mm Sci-Fi River Junction Pack 2pc
1210-15mm River Curve Set 3pc
1211-15mm River Junction Set 3pc
Gift Certificate
: 1
1171-Surveilance Drone 3 each 1171-Surveilance Drone 3 each
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1170-Plasma Engine 2 each
1164-Gravel Road 3pc Junction Set

November 2018!

15mm Reichstag Ruin

November 2018!

28mm Sci-Fi River System

Q1 2019

28mm Zombie/Madmax Terrain Accessories & Vehicles!!