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About Us

Novus Design Studio

Novus Design Studio was established in April 2014 by Robert and Nancy Rumfelt who were the founders and original owners of JR Miniatures.

Robert and Nancy have always called the miniature gaming industry home because it is an area of shared interest and brings together their love of military history, model design and scale miniatures.

Here at Novus Design Studio, we create and manufacture a variety of scale buildings and terrain features for the miniature gaming and model railroad markets.  We supply wholesale and retail hobby markets with high quality resin models with a special focus on customer service that includes a 100% fill rate and quick turn times on orders.

We take a design idea for a new model from concept all the way through to manufacturing.  The first step is to identify a market need for a certain product and to do this we engage our customers utilizing social media platforms to gather customer feedback and suggestions.  Receiving real time feedback from our customers is very important to us and helps to guide us through the new product development process.

We look forward to supplying our customer's terrain needs and offering an ever expanding range of innovative models sure to capture the imagination of hobbyists and gamers from all different backgrounds and countries!

Our models can be used with miniature games such as; Flames of War, Bolt Action, Games Workshop, Privateer Press, as well as many other games.

No matter what we are working on, our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service possible while supplying quality resin models to our customers. 
1171-Surveilance Drone 3 each 1171-Surveilance Drone 3 each
more details
1170-Plasma Engine 2 each
1164-Gravel Road 3pc Junction Set

November 2018!

15mm Reichstag Ruin

November 2018!

28mm Sci-Fi River System

Q1 2019

28mm Zombie/Madmax Terrain Accessories & Vehicles!!